Aialoft project, which consists of 6 villas, has been designed by the founder of Unlimited Design, interior architect and designer Selina Kazazoglu. This striking project has been carefully designed to be compatible with its environment.

Each villa has an open plan kitchen, large living area, 3 bedrooms,  and 3 bathrooms within a total of 180 m² interior. The outdoor area consists of a 65 m² swimming pool, a sun bathing terrace with sea views, a steel-wood combination pergola , 70 m² of terraces and private outdoor parking.

As the name suggests, the project is built around a “loft” concept. The rock surface on which the houses were built together with the trees and plants native to the Aegean, such as gum, olive, juniper, and thyme, insdpired the textures used by the designer. Natural terraces formed on the sloping hillside preserved and many of native plants have been incorporated into the landscaping, parallel to this concept, the exterior render were inspired by the natural environment in order to preserve the colour and texture coordination.